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Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne 2005-Present

Weekly touring and in-house. Fit-ups: Stage and LX. Shows: LX (Strand 530i) and Spots. 'Dames at Sea', 'Journey's End', 'Arsensic and Old Lace';

Congress Theatre, Eastbourne 2005-Present

Fit-ups: Stage and Sound. Shows: Spots. Larger touring shows, 'I Can't Stop Loving You' (2006), 'Starlight Express' (2006) 'Chicago' (2007), Cats '2007'

Nuffield Theatre, Southampton 2006-Present

Fit-ups: Stage, LX and plotting (ETC Expression). Shows: Stage, LX and Spots. Mostly in-house, fringe theatre and stand up comedy. Some weekly touring including 'Blonde Bombshells' (2008)

Kenton Theatre, Henley-on-Thames 2008

Freelance, lighting design and operation. Musical Receital 'Heart of Music' (2008)

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Chris first worked on a professional show at the age of fifteen in 2002 when he was lucky enough to gain a weeks work experience at the Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne. As soon as he could, he started working here as casual LX crew and has since worked on numerous shows. Further work in Eastbourne at the Congress Theatre followed.

Since starting university at Southampton in October 2005, he has been working as regular LX crew at the Nuffield Theatre. Oppertunities arose for freelance work both with AVC Productions and semi-profoessionally at the Kenton Theatre, Henley-on-Thames.

References available on request.